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sábado, 29 de maio de 2010

Get Lippie's Giveaway - What Makes Me Happy?

Get Lippie is having a Giveaway.
To enter, just need to tell what makes you happy. = D

- My bf singing. = D
- Eating tons of Chocolate really makes me happy. = $
- My mom telling jokes.
- My master degree in Psychology of Deviant Behavior and Justice.
- Dancing, dancing, dancing.
- Goint to the beach with my bf see the sunset.
- My lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm collection.
- Smiles and hugs.
- Receiving flowers.
- Purple things.

I'm a dreamer, so there are lots of things that make me happy. = )


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Get Lippie disse...

Thank you, lovely! Good luck!